Jobs that Hire Felons

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These Companies Hire Felons


These Companies Hire Felons  -  Some find it difficult to find a job with a criminal record.  There are jobs for felons.  Felons get hired everyday.  

Jobs for Felons: Updated List of Companies that Hire Felons

There are jobs for felons. Some people with criminal records believe they cannot get jobs. The truth is, formerly-incarcerated people get hired everyday. 

Jobs for Felons: Government Help For Felons Looking for Jobs

There were few employers willing to give those with criminal records an equal opportunities at jobs.   Times are changing.  More and employers are removing barriers that keep felons from getting jobs.

Our passion is helping felons get jobs

You can find a huge lost of Companies that Hire Felons here:   

Jobs for Ex-offenders and Felons: Updated list of companies that hire ex offenders and felons - 2022 

You can also learn the best way to use the list of companies that hire felons:  

Jobs for Felons: The Facts about Companies that Hire Ex offenders and Felons (2022) 

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Incredible List of Felons that Hire Felons -
If you visit this site, you can ask questions relating to getting a job with a criminal background.  There are a lot of questions answered there and there are some really good answers from an author and teacher who has been in the field for a long time.